Consultancy services provided by ASERG

In today’s cyber-connected world Information and Communication Technology constitutes the basic backbone of the majority of businesses operations, with an ever increasing reliance on software for different facets of society evidencing the need for robust software construction practices.

The Applied Software Engineering Research Group (ASERG) addresses this need, with a strong emphasis in applied research, aiming to conduct research and development activities on software engineering with an interdisciplinary view of its application.

ASERG’s members, with more than 20 years of experience in the ICT industry, are able to provide a gamma of consultancy service to companies informed by the current research in the area and best practices, from helping local businesses through engagements with SMEs in the Sheffield City Region to large enterprises by means of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and other opportunities by Innovate UK and UKRI ecosystem.

Local and Regional SMEs

In today’s software enabled world SMEs have commonly developed their own home-grown software systems acting as either proof-of-concepts for new business ideas, or supporting business operations. As companies grow, new requirements become more relevant, such as the ability of their software system to scale in order to deal with a growing number of clients, or opportunities to increase business performance by better use of digital technologies, such as microservices, devops, cloud computing and Internet-of-Things, to name a few.

As part of its expertise, ASERG contributes to the Digital Innovation for Growth programme and can provide businesses with consultancy services, such as:

  • Business Process Management;
  • Software system design and architecture review;
  • Development methodology review and assessment;
  • Review and design of software reengineering projects;
  • Designing and assessing digital transformation projects;
  • IT infrastructure and cloud computing solution design, review and assessment;
  • Support in the use of best practices related to software testing, devops and microservices.